Corporate Branding 

Instill pride in your organization for new employees and long-serving staff. 

Heighten collaboration and teamwork with branded apparel and products provided by Primo Designs.

From welcome gifts to anniversary gifts, event remembrances and other special occasions, we can help you order corporate branding promotional products as giveaways or gifts. Don't forget gifts to thank your best clients and get some fun swag for employees. 

Or open company store for you and your employees to purchase items and promote your brand.

Small and large orders welcome.  

Brand Boldly with Primo Products. 

Start my company storE!


Traditional & Unique Items


Fast Delivery


Competitive Prices

Primo is the best in town. They have embroidered many different types of shirts and jackets for our company, they all look great. Highly recommend.


Corporate Web Stores

Take your corporate branding to the next level -- open a company web store!  Primo has decades of experience helping small and large companies design branded apparel and products for their staff and customers! Standard and custom stores give you plenty of options. 

Choose multiple items of clothing, from shirts, pants, jackets, fleece, socks and much more! 

You can also add promotional products to give your team a variety of ways to show their pride and promote your brand!

Shipping options available.  

Open a company store for a long-lasting way to increase awareness of your brand.

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