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Branding is just the beginning

Since 1985, we have worked with over 5,000 businesses, schools and healthcare providers to help them promote and build their brand within their communities.

Primo partners with businesses throughout central Illinois to help them build their brands and solidify their personas, strengthening their teams and ultimately, creating a stronger business.

A Primo Partnership enables you to offer branded apparel and promotional products to your employees, customers and your community.

A web store branded for your company give your employees and customers a way to proudly assert their alliance with your company and values. 

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Networking Opportunities

As a Primo Partner, you'll have opportunities to network with more than 4,000 businesses, schools, and organizations. 

We help you facilitate relationships and network to increase your reach, sales, and more to help your company thrive.

We love to connect our customers that may not otherwise have access to each other and act as the conduit to another relationship. and we really help to facilitate that with our partners. Let us know your target market or customer type and we will try to connect you to those in our network.

We have been here for you and will continue to be here for you in the future. Let's partner up!


4 Benefits of a Primo Partnership

  1. Easily manage the ordering and delivery of these products, with the least amount of time and effort, while still enjoying the benefits of high quality products.
  2. Network within our very diverse customer base to connect with other groups who may benefit from your services.
  3. Join a solid partner with nearly 40 years' experience. We're an established and growing team with next-generation vision.
  4. See new and exciting products and decorations. 


The Primo Partnership Process

Introductory Meeting

  1. Learn about us.
  2. We learn about your needs.
  3. Identifying and connecting members.
  4. Discuss opportunities to promote your brand.

Solutions Meeting

  1. We present products based on function and budget.
  2. We provide clearly defined pricing for your order.
  3. Order management and fulfillment. 
  4. Create and manage webstores.
  5. Credits available through Promo Partnership

Order Generation and Approvals

  1. Timelines provided for production and delivery.
  2. Artwork proofs for each application.
  3. Fulfillment and shipping for your project.
  4. Follow-up and data for your order.
  5. Royalties paid or credits applied.

Follow Up and Partnership Commitment

  1. Calendar created for future events.
  2. Customer check-ins scheduled to stay connected.
  3. Opportunities to network with more than 4,000 businesses, schools, and organizations. 



Want to be a Primo Partner?

Yes! I want to be a Primo Partner