Community Events

Community Events are great for brand awareness.

Primo has been branding community events since 1985. 

A one-stop shop with easy to order items, prompt customer service, and quality products, our community event experts can help you place orders and ensure they're delivered on time for your event.

From 5Ks and other sports events to anniversaries, reunions, or any party, choose Primo for your special event apparel and products.

Instill long-lasting pride in your company, bring your team together and with branding that will last long after the event is over. 

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Thousands of apparel and products to choose from:

Community Event Web Stores

Expecting a large crowd? Continuing an annual event? 

Create a web store to give your event-goers options to choose shirts, pants, jackets, fleece, socks and much more! 

You can also add promotional products to give your team a variety of ways to show their pride and promote your brand!

Shipping options available.  

Open an event store for a far-reaching way to increase awareness of your community event.

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