Blog Post

Budgets End the Surprises

Len Naumovich

Establishing a budget can help end surprises and help you to be proactive in your branded purchases

Talk with your sales account representatives about what kinds of items can create the best value and exposure for your brand. 

Dovetail a budget with an annual event calendar, and you'll be able to take advantage of special pricing and inventory considerations on popular products that may otherwise be unavailable to you.

Here's how a budget can help you improve your branded marketing strategy: 

  • Maximize Budget Dollars: Throughout the year, your vendor has access to potential price increases, and they can pre-buy inventory for your events.
  • New & Trending Products: They also have access to new or trending products that will be hitting the market, which allows your company to be out in front of your competition. No need to say, "I wish we could get those!" With an established budget, you've already got a set amount to use for the latest craze. 

Keep in good communication with your vendor and connect them with your sales team for a low-stress way to keep your brand top of mind in your community.

Budgets can ensure that your sales team will always have branded items at hand for the feel-good item that your customers will remember!