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De-Stress Your Event Planning With This Tip

Len Naumovich

As a busy professional, your days are likely a whirlwind of meetings, putting out fires, along with your day-to-day activities. 

Planning events with branded clothing and products is a fun task, but probably last on your to-do list. 

Rather than being a long, overhwelming and tedious chore, there are ways to make purchasing branded items easy and painless. One of the best strategies we've found is to create a calendar.

Create a Calendar

Creating an annual calendar is probably the best advice we can give to lower the stress level when it comes to purchasing clothing and products.

Work with an experienced representative of the vendor company to plan an annual calendar, which will show the date of events, promotions, and awards that use decorated apparel and promotional products.

Collaborate with the company to make sure you are planning for design time, ordering, delivery, and distribution well in advance of the event.

The vendor company can help you schedule these dates. When the company is well-informed of your deadlines, it can manage the production times to make sure that your schedule is met with no panic and help you avoid extra costs for late ordering.

This service should be offered by your vendor, but it requires an investment of your time to plan a year, with the current knowledge available.

Schedule Check-Ins

Regular check-ins should then take place for changes or additions to your calendar. There are often last minute events that take place, and those can be managed more efficiently if every event is not done at the last minute.

Need help creating a calendar? Contact us to arrange a time to discuss how we can make your event a stress-free success!