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Healthier Employees, Stronger Brand:
Clothes and Products to Promote Health and Wellness

Len Naumovich

Your Company: A Vision OF HEALTH

These days, marketing is about building your community, and customers want to do business with companies that reflect their beliefs, goals, and values. 

 How can you continually promote your company and its values? Don't underestimate the power of branded clothing to convey your company's mission and vision to everyone who sees it. Your employees and customers who wear your logoed shirts, pants, jackets, and hats become your best brand ambassador (and look good doing so!)

promote healthy lifestyles

Healthy living is a popular theme among companies, both to attract customers and employees, helping staff achieve a work/life balance. With such a competition for good talent, companies are looking to attract good employees and keep them. One way is through empowering employees and helping them live healthier lives.

If your company has health and wellness as a brand value, take steps to reinforce that notion with branded clothing and products. 

At Primo Designs, we're passionate about helping businesses not only look good, but do good. If your company works to promote wellness among your employees. You might offer gym memberships, smoking cessation programs, generous sick leave, and paid time off.

Giving employees healthy living items with your company's logo confirms your commitment to their health and wellness. Plus, it also shows the community that you support values of healthy lifestyles. 


Not only can you help your employees be healthier, but you can show your community and your customers that you believe in these principles. Values of healthy bodies, healthy minds can be attractive to customers.

It's a win-win - brand awareness for your company, and a reinforcemnet of your company that has a purpose and a strong commitemnt for employee well-being and community health. 




Employee Health

Cultivate a Culture of Wellness

  • Encourage healthy habits: Customize water bottles with your company logo or slogan. Encourage employees to form internal groups for lunchtime walks or offhours exercise classes. Gym bags, athletic wear, even socks can encourage employees to band together and stay active. 
  • Promote mindfulness: Offer meditation mats, yoga apparel, and stress-reducing accessories like fidget spinners, all emblazoned with your logo.
  • Support healthy choices: Sponsor a charity 5k or walk, golf outing or other healthy living event. Encourage staff to form a company-branded team. They can design company t-shirts or shorts. At the 5k or golf outing, offer branded giveways such as sweatbands, visors, sunglasses, sunscreen. 


Why choose Primo Designs?

At Primo, we've helped hundreds of companies design branded apparel for community events.

  • Trusted Experience: After nearly 4 decades in business, we know the power of branded apparel and its impact on your brand and employees.
  • One-Stop Solutions: We offer all your branding needs! From sublimated, screenprinted, or embroidered apparel, along with thousands of promotional items.
  • Expert guidance: Our dedicated team works one-on-one iwth you to develop yearly brand strategies, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.
  • Quality and speed: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products on time, even in a pinch.
  • Passionate service: We don't push you to "sell" you. We want to understand how we can help improve your company's brand needs and find creative solutions to achieve your goals.


Align your company with values of health and wellness. It's the silent marketing tactic that lasts for years: branded clothing and products. 

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