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How to Choose Shirt Sizes for Groups

Len Naumovich

When you're in charge of an event, designing and ordering t-shirts and other apparel can be one of the most fun parts of planning the event. But it also can be the most confusing. You may have no idea how many smalls to get versus how many XLs.

If you're planning a t-shirt giveaway or selling shirts at an event, you may be wondering how many of each size should I order? With a limited budget, you need to make sure you don't have a lot of leftovers. 

With so many different body types, you may be wondering, "How many of each size shirt should I order for a large group?"

At Primo, we have decades of answering this question for our customers who plan group events and want to create a united company culture.  


How to Pick Shirt Sizes

Clothing is available in a many different sizes, allowing your customers and attendees to select a size that best fits their style. When you place a clothing order, be sure you choose a variety of sizes to suit the many different body types. Here's a few ways to look at it.


Think about your event demographics

What do you anticipate the percentage of men, women and children at the event. If it's been an annual event, refer to the previous years' registrations for a measurable idea of how many to order and what sizes sold, or how many men versus women attended. 

The type of event can help you decide what t-shirt sizes to choose. Is it a 5k? The runners will likely be more in shape and you may want to order more smalls and mediums.  

Do you anticipate more women than men at the event? Make sure to include some ladies' cut t-shirts, which run smaller but have a bit more tailoring to them for a more polished look.

Is it for an event like hunting or a local football group that will include more men? Get plenty of larges and extra-larges.

Make the shirt design reusable for the next event 

When designing the t-shirt, consider whether you can make the shirt reusable next year. Even if it is an annual event, you may not need to add the year. Without a date, you can sell the leftovers next year to maintain a profit. 

Consider the style

Unisex tees: meant for both men and women, tend to veer on the bigger side of sizing. Customers' usual shirt size should be a good fit. If they want it to fit more loosely, advise them to size up.

Ladies' t-shirts: these are designed to fit a little more snugly, flattering a woman's body type. They tend to run smaller than a unisex shirt. Order sizes accordingly. Offer pre-ordering if possible. If you get questions, advise them that If a woman wears a medium unisex shirt, she may want a large in a ladies' t-shirt. 

SoftStyle Tees:  soft-style shirt refers to a garment crafted from lightweight and comfortable fabrics, offering a smooth and gentle touch against the skin. These shirts prioritize comfort without compromising on style, making them a popular choice for various occasions.

See our chart below for our suggested breakdown of what sizes to order.

The Primo team is always available to help you order the perfect combination of sizes.

Contact us to get help with your next event.

primo size charts 23_UNISEX TEE.jpg
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