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Crafting a Festive Wonderland: Your Guide to Creating a Holiday Store with Primo Designs

10/13/2023 Len Naumovich


The holidays are fast approaching, and what better way to wrap up the year and usher in the new one than by setting up a company store? At Primo Designs, we understand the significance of the holiday season, and we are here to help you make a lasting impression.

This holiday season, make a statement with your brand and express your appreciation in a memorable way. At Primo Designs, we are here to make it all happen seamlessly.

Our Top Picks for the 2023 Holiday Season

How to Start a Holiday Store


branded items can benefit your business. Here's how:   


Reflect on a Year of Success

Take a moment to reflect on your year in business. It's been filled with achievements, milestones, and the unwavering support of your employees and clients. Now it's time to generate excitement for the year ahead. The perfect way to do this is through branded products that speak volumes about your company's values and commitment.

Offer Something for Everyone

Primo Designs offers a vast selection of products and clothing to make your employees and customers smile. Whether you're in the corporate world or the medical field, we have options tailored to your needs.

The best part? Setting up your holiday store is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Make Gift-Giving Simple

The holiday season is synonymous with gift-giving. But it's not just about the act; it's about the thought and sentiment behind it. Our branded products give you the opportunity to thank your employees and clients in a way that resonates with them. It's not just a gift; it's a gesture that reinforces your brand within your community.

Your employees and clients will feel good about doing business with you, knowing that you value and appreciate their support. This, in turn, strengthens your business relationships and sets the stage for a successful year ahead.

Brand for a Lasting Impression 

A holiday-themed clothing or product will keep your brand top-of-mind every holiday season! As customers hang your branded ornament they will remember the great service you gave them all year - and keep coming back.

8 in 10 customers appreciate receiving promotional products. Why not delight your customers and employees, show gratitude for a fantastic year, and infuse some holiday spirit with thoughtful gifts? 

Source: Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)

Start a Holiday Store

What to Include in a Holiday Store:

So many choices! Your holiday store can include a variety of items that will please everyone. Choose a medley of these great items: 

1. Customized Apparel: Outfit your employees in branded clothing.

2. Branded Accessories: From mugs to tote bags, these accessories make for great gifts or packaging that enhances the holiday experience.

3. Festive Decor: Elevate your workspace with branded decorations that spread cheer to all who visit.

4. Personalized Gifts: Offer your clients and employees unique, personalized gifts that showcase your thoughtfulness.

Elevate your holiday season and create a strong start for 2024 with Primo Designs. Your brand, our products, and the holiday spirit - a winning combination. 


our Top Picks for the 2023 Holiday Season:

To inspire your holiday branding journey, here are some of our favorite products for the upcoming season:


Hershey's Holiday Mix Branded Tin

An easy and delicious way to thank customers. The branded tin will last for years! 

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Tote Bag With Zipper

Who doesn't love a great tote bag? As a holiday gift, high-quality bags best reflect your firm's  thoughtfulness.

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Create branded ornaments in your company color. Great for new or retiring employees or to mark a company anniversary. 

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Scented candles are a unique and affordable way to keep your brand will be visible for days and weeks after you gift them.   

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wine tumblers.jpg

Wine Tumbler Gift Set 

Cheers to a great year! Branded, boxed tumblers make gift giving easy.  

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Sugar Cookies

Cookies with your logo? Yes! Although the cookies won't last long, the memory of your brand and your gift will stay in their mind. 

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How to Start a Holiday Store

Holiday stores are easy to set up and offer easy ordering and fast delivery. 

Contact us now to get your company store started. Working together, we can get your store up in just a few days! Then you can sit back and enjoy the holidays with gifts and gift ideas in hand. 

Note: webstores need to close Nov 22 for Christmas delivery so get started now! 

Start a Holiday Store