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Show Employees you Appreciate Them with Branded Merchandise

9/14/2023 Len Naumovich

Branded company items can go a long way to show employees that their employer supports, remembers, and appreciates their efforts.  When should you give branded items?  Why do you need to?  With more than 35 years in the branded business, we have seen firsthand how companies benefit from employee recognition efforts.  Read on to learn more. #BeYourOwnBrand



Staff will love merch anytime, but here are some recommendations for when to give employees branded items: 

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New Employees

Make the newbies feel welcome with a fun swag basket of goodies, from pens and notebooks to socks, wristbands or hats.

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Contest Giveaways

Running a contest at work? Motivate more participation with high-end branded gifts like speakers, golf gear, or a large cooler.

Work Anniversaries 

Choose a popular ¼ zip polo, blankets fleece jackets, even blankets can be a classy thank-you to employees with years of service. Your dedicated employee will be proud to use them.

1/4 zip pullover sweater
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Ladies sherpa sweater in marshallow


Personal Milestones

 When you’ve just had a baby, gotten married, a new house or some other life milestone, knowing that your employer remembered and supports you can go a long way to improving employee morale. These don’t have to be big or expensive. Think a branded keychain, a kitchen towel, or baby blankets. 


Just Because

It can be more impactful if you give an employee a branded gift for a job well done. Maybe they completed a project ahead of schedule and under budget.  They'll be surprised and grateful - and ready for your next challenge. 


Are branded employee items really worth the cost on the balance sheet?  Studies show that the ROI is worth the investment.  Consider these intangible benefits: 

Build Brand Ambassadors -  By wearing the branded clothing or using branded products, your employees become “brand ambassadors” for your company.  Happy employees do better work and will recruit others to join the great workplace.

Reinforce Your Company’s Values – Do you encourage employees to be healthy?  Brand workout gear like wicking t-shirts and shorts, gym bags, or water bottles. Strong ethic to give back to the community? Brand t-shirts and socks to wear when working in the community.

Build Stronger Teams - Branded items connect your employees, making them feel more part of a team. For employees working remotely, this benefit is even more meaningful.  

Keep Employees Happy & Productive - When staff feels connected to a team, they will exert more positive energy and ultimately be more productive and engaged in their work.  Long term effects are employee retention and recruitment. 

Improve Brand Recognition -  Happy staff who are proud of their workplace will wear the branded clothing and use the products when they're out and about.  That means your brand reaches more people over a longer period of time. This can help you gain more customers.   

“We create a t-shirt every year to give to employees. They enjoy getting them because Primo has nice work apparel. We want our people to be proud of where they work.”

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Let Primo Make it Easy

Not sure what to get?  Open a company store at Primo.  We can help you choose a variety of clothing and items that your employees will love.  You can share the link with your employees and offer them vouchers or discounts to choose their own gift.

Give me a call and we’ll get your company store underway.